Organic Gardening Courses

Finding The Best Organic Gardening Courses For You

Best organic gardening courses online

Learn how to start an organic garden the right way. Watch our new video and read the review post on this great gardening course.

Looking for the best organic gardening course online?

How about a Free Organic Gardening Mini Course to get you started?

Excellent idea. Read on to learn much more…

Yes! You really can start a beautiful organic garden 🙂

You can make a large garden or small garden.

You can utilize container gardening for limited spaces.

You can even grow healthy, nutrient dense, tasty vegetables, fruits and herbs.

But where do you start?

There are two “schools of thought” when it comes to organic gardening courses.

  1. You are wanting a step-by-step organic home gardening course
  2. You want to earn a degree or certificate in organic horticulture or become a Master Gardener

No matter which category you fall into, these well researched online organic gardening courses will help.

What Organic Gardening Classes Are Best for Me?


How Do I Start An Organic Garden?

Being a successful organic gardener can take some time. This skill can require some knowledge in a few areas:

  • The Science Of Soil, Testing and Composting
  • Learning About Different Plants and Companion Planting
  • How To Prevent Pests and Disease The Organic Way
  • How To Care for the Plants in Your Organic Garden
  • How To Lay Out Your Garden (Starting From Scratch)

Of course, the points above are but just a few. Let me help you “dig deeper” into the world of horticulture and organic gardening. I've rounded up the best on-line organic gardening courses so that you can easily learn from home.

Organic Gardener Course One: The Smiling Gardener Academy by Phil Nauta

UPDATE: Watch Our Video and Read the Full Review of Phil Nauta's Smiling Gardener Academy Courses

Gardening Course Length: Month by Month and Long as you Like

Gardening Course Prices: Options: Single Lessons or Monthly Subscription Organic Gardening Course $47/mo NOW $37/mo if you use OUR SMILING GARDENER ACADEMY COUPON (Approx £22.17) Can cancel anytime – Stay as long as you like (up to 12 months)

Phil Nauta is the Author of “The Holistic Gardening Handbook”. That book was eventually published under the title “Building Soils Naturally.”

VIDEO: Three Organic Gardening Tips That You Must Not Neglect

The video below is not in the Academy, (his content there is reserved for members) But, you can get an idea of the passion Phil has for organic gardening.
© SmilingGardener Phil Nauta

PS: Here Are The 15 Free Organic Gardening Lessons Phil mentions in the video

I enjoy Phil's energy and shear commitment to organic gardening. His lessons feature comprehensive videos and articles.

He says his course is “Not for the Snobby – but it is Elite Training” (I agree)

This is a True Step By Step approach-an extremely informational organic gardening course. If you are looking for a complete organic gardening course 101, A-Z set up – this is for you!

Free Download: The short version of Phil's book is still 100 pages of great info. All about organic gardening

Organic Gardening Book from Phil Nauta-Now a Free Download

Dedicated to people who might classify themselves as beginners to intermediate gardeners, the Smiling Gardener Academy delivers!

All Members receive exclusive content about organic gardening. Here is a summary.

You will see Phil all over the internet with incredible tips and videos to help people learn the ins and outs of organic gardening.

However, his organic gardening course, is exclusive.

The in-depth training delivers one new organic gardening course each month.

You can also sign up for single classes that are one-off.

Not ready to join the Smiling Gardener Academy Just Yet?
I wasn't either (at first)

Phil offers FREE Mini Organic Gardening Lessons and an abridged version of his Book (See above and right)

Remember: Get the 15 Vital and Free Organic Gardening Lessons For Becoming A Better Organic Gardener too

Next up – Another Online Organic Garden Study Course…

Organic Gardener Course Two: My Garden School Course Taught By Stephanie Donaldson (Out Of The UK)

Gardening Course Length: 4 Weeks Per

Gardening Course price: £120 (Approx. $192 US)

Book: The Elements of Organic Gardening

Stephanie Donaldson Co-Authored this book with the Prince Of Whales

Stephanie Donaldson is the Author of numerous books including The Elements of Organic Gardening with the Prince of Whales. She is also Gardens Editor of Country Living Magazine.

Here is a description of her Organic Gardening program:

“This course is for those of you who really care about the bigger picture.  You don't just want to grow a few veg; you want to change your lifestyle, care for our planet, and truly understand the philosophy and history behind the organic garden”

– Stephanie Donaldson

Stephanie from My Garden School will discuss in her organic gardening course, how to:

“…adopt a chemical free, sustainable and benevolent way of caring for your garden way that will be good for your health and that of the environment.”

Organic Gardening Classes Outline

  1. Week One: The Philosophy of Organic Gardening
  2. Week Two: The Basic Techniques of Organic Gardening
  3. Week Three: Pest & Disease Control in the Organic Garden
  4. Week Four: The Virtuous Circle

A Summary Video: The Organic Garden Course
by © MyGardenSchool

Next Up: A Couple Of University Ideas

Online University or College Organic Gardening Courses

As you may know, when it comes to earning a Master Gardener Certification or a Degree in Organic Horticulture – you will need to be “on site”. Fortunately, there are some excellent opportunities available.

Try This Course From Cornell University (Can Be Done Online)

One Online or Distance Learning Organic Gardening Class from Cornell University

  • Cost: $600
  • Next course: TBA
  • ​Questions or to be notified of next course, email Liz Falk

Quick Description:

“This online course was developed in response to a strong interest in organic gardening from people across the country and is intended to examine the basics of small-scale organic gardening…The course has a strong foundation in soil health and its impact on plant health and a whole systems approach to gardening.”

Here are a couple more that you can look into.

Master Gardener Certification offered at UW

Master Gardener Certification offered at UW

Take A Look At The University of Wyoming

Master Gardener Certification from the University Of Wyoming

“Would you like to improve your green thumb? Do you want to give back to your community? Then the UW Extension Master Gardner program might be for you.”

by Chris Hilgert: Wyoming State Coordinator
Produced by: David Keto – Extension Media Producer

Take A Look At The First University To Offer Organic Agriculture: Washington State University

Undergraduate Certificate in Organic Agriculture

This is an online program of study from Washington State University

WSU was the first in the USA to offer a degree in organic agriculture.

Community Supported Agriculture or Science: Great Video from Washington State University

Excellent – now you have a few classes and courses to get started in organic gardening…

If you were searching for a Master Gardener Certificate or easy training courses for pastime organic gardening, I hope these useful resources have provided you with the best information on managing and keeping a bountiful and healthy garden.

Tell me your thoughts: I would love to know if you are going for a degree in horticulture or a beginner gardener. Comment below and I look forward to “chatting”.

Best Wishes and Happy Organic Gardening,

by Brad M (Egad Its Brad)

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