How To Start An Organic Garden

4 Get Ready To Get Started In Your Organic Garden (Tips For You)

So glad you are here! Am thrilled that you are ready to start your organic garden. This article, combined with these incredible expert videos will help you get started.

The question so many people are asking: Where Do I Start With My Organic Garden?

Starting an organic garden will require understanding your growing season

The Continental Divide close to where I live. Frozen veggies anyone?

A perfect question. We aim to provide you with the right answer(s). Plus, Step-by-Step Organic Garden and Vegetable Guides, and New Organic Garden Planner Apps. (Software Videos are all featured too). Here we go!

How To Start An Organic Garden | Tip One

As numerous gardening enthusiasts and experts will say…

(1) It All Starts With The Soil

We would have to agree. So the first question(s) you will want to know about: What is the condition of my soil? How can I get started and how can I improve the condition of my soil?

Will I Need To Do Soil Ph Testing? Short answer – Maybe not.

Will I Need A Soil Test? Short answer – Consider it.

Here are some very informative videos about soil from Phil Nauta the Smiling Gardener

In Fact, it is so good, I just completed a video and review post about the Academy.

I am a Member of Phil's exclusive Organic Gardening Course Online: Smiling Gardener Academy. While I can't share Member Content directly from the Academy, I can say this.

The First Series of Lessons? It All Begins With The Soil!

Soil Is Key To Starting your Organic Garden

Lichen: I took this pic in WY. Eventually this granite will become soil

Though the videos below are not in the Academy, Phil does offer extremely important information about working with your soil.

They key here is this: When you have healthy soil, you virtually eliminate an enormous set of problems i.e: organic garden pests and diseases

Organic Gardening Soil Testing Starting With Your Soil | VIDEO
© Phil Nauta

PS: Now you can get a Free Organic Gardening Mini Course From Phil Nauta -just to to get you started.

Preparing The Soil For an Organic Garden | VIDEO

Here Phil discusses several ways of prepping your soil including the double-digging method.
I like his sense of humor too.
© Phil Nauta

Best Organic Fertilizer Without A Soil Test | VIDEO

Phil Nauta's Condensed book is still 100 pages of helpful tips to get going

The Art and Science of the New Organic Gardening by the Smiling Gardener

Smiling Gardener Phil Nauta discusses 2 fertilizers you can add to your soil (without worry)
© Phil Nauta

Quick Note On pH: 0-14 is the scale. The lower the number, the more acidic it is. On the other end, the higher the number, the more alkaline it is.

A pH of 6-7 is generally a good number for most organic gardening.

Just be aware that you can raise your acidic soil with dolomite lime but you may need calcium or magnesium or may have too much.

Some plants like magnesium while others like microorganisms.

Bottom line – we need to know what nutrients are in the soil.

Putting good organic matter in the soil, as mentioned in the videos above, will be your best bet.

How To Start An Organic Garden | Tip Two

Picking the right location for growing organic at home (or anywhere).

(2) Your New Organic Garden Will Need 6-10 Hours Of Sun

In most cases, you will need a plot or patch that will be exposed to the sun at least 6-10 hours a day.

Will you do a raised bed garden?
Will you dig out a patch in your yard?

In this brief video, horticulturalist Dr. Jim Hruskoci from © EcoScraps sums up these major points and choosing the right place.

Selecting An Organic Garden Site | Video

Organic Garden Placement-Choosing The Right Plot | Video

CooksGarden From © Growing Your Grub goes into more depth about shade, watching the sun, and selecting your area. Considering your water situation-obviously, should not be overlooked.

How To Start An Organic Garden | Tip Three

(3) Just How Am I Going To Plan Out This Organic Garden??? 

Choosing the right plants, seeds, fruits and vegetables and how they all fit together

This topic has caused nightmares for several new and even intermediate organic gardeners.

Online Garden Planning ToolChances are, your location is quite different than mine. You might be in a warmer climate and have a longer growing season.

My season here lasts about 2 weeks (as seen in the image above). Just kidding-but it is short 🙂

How Do You Start Planning Your Organic Garden Layout?

  • Choosing the right variety of plants
  • Having an idea of their required growth times
  • Knowing about companion planting
  • Utilizing the space you have
  • Figuring out what plants and how many go where

All of these considerations can be frustrating. Today, fortunately, there are wonderful bits of software available. I am going to share 2 of the most popular here:

How To Plan Your Organic Garden – Online Garden Planner From

Watch This Wonderful Video to get an idea of how this awesome Online Garden Planner works

Called: Design Your Best Garden Layout | Video

“ is run by Growing Interactive, a UK-based company with offices in the UK and US, providing the most innovative garden planning service on the Internet. We are committed to:

  • making it easy and enjoyable for you to plan your vegetable garden
  • providing clear and reliable information to give you growing success
  • giving you excellent customer service

Our Garden Planner software is fully adapted to specific regions across America and other parts of the world.”

Organic Garden Planner can really aid you in finally getting this figured out!

Pretty Cool: You Can Try for 30 Days Free

How About Another Organic Garden Planner Idea About Veggies? You Bet!

From GrowVeg Once More – Watch How To Find The Best Organic Vegetables to Grow In your garden video

In Summary – They discuss it like this

  1. Make a “shortlist” of plants to cooperate with your garden area
  2. Find out how many organic vegetables will fit
  3. Select crops and vegetable varieties that you would love to eat

How About Another Garden Planner Piece Of Software?


Take a look at the Smart Gardener. This is a Free Garden Planning Tool that you can use online. It will help with learning how to start an organic garden.

Watch The © SmartGardener Introductory Video To See How It Works Quick Tour Simply grow great food. from Smart Gardener on Vimeo.

Here is a quote from their page

“There are a lot of variables that go into planning a garden. Smart Gardener does all the hard work for you. We collect, calculate and create a smart personal profile of your garden just for you.”

You can visit to give this helpful planner a try

How To Start An Organic Garden | Tip Four

Choosing the right vegetables for your garden

(4) Top Easy To Grow Organic Vegetables For Beginners

I have been accused of being lazy at times. (Mostly by myself) Nonetheless, if you are a beginner in organic gardening – why not choose organic plants, fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow? Some that will increase the odds of great harvest? Ideal for your conditions? Exactly!

We have 2 great videos for you

This one will put a smile on your face. Not only that, share some ideas on easy to grow veggies!

Here, Mandy Swift interviews her dear Father about easy to grow veggies.

“Fancy Plants”

  1. Cabbage
  2. Brussels Sprouts
  3. Cauliflower

“Salad Plants”

  1. Spring Onions
  2. Carrots
  3. Lettuce

We hope you found helpful answers to your most pressing questions on How To Start An Organic Garden.

Won't you let us know? Place a comment below and tell us what your planning on growing!

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