Organic Strawberry Plants & How To Grow Them (Videos)

How To Grow Organic Strawberry Plants and The Difference Between Them

Sweet strawberries will be yours by following these tips

Bare root Everbearing strawberry plants are quite popular

I love strawberries! Do you love strawberries too?

Figured you did. 🙂

Do you know what strawberries love?

At least 8 hours of sun.

That's just one thing you need to know.

This article is packed with tips and incredible videos on how you can learn to grow your own organic strawberries. (That is sweet)

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VIDEO ONE: How To Grow Your Strawberry Plants (Tips and Info)

Patricia Boudier of Peaceful Valley talks about the different types of strawberries.

She also discusses tips on the best ways to work with strawberry plants. The different methods like hill or row systems.

Watch the video now to get started :). © Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, Inc

June Bearing Strawberries VS Everbearing or Day Neutral Strawberries

VIDEO TWO: How To Select Strawberries and How To Plant Them

From TheDaliyCamera: Horticultural Entomologist Carol O'Meara with Colorado State University. Carol talks about a whole host of ways to select strawberry plants for planting. Plus, a really neat raised bed strawberry plant set up.

TIP: Did you know birds love strawberries as much as we do? (Of course you knew that) This video shows a great way to keep the birds away. Meshed lids to keep birds out are great. Check out the video.

VIDEO THREE: What About Organic Strawberry Plants In The Off Season?

David Handley from the University of Maine shares wonderful ways to grow strawberries. He discusses tactics in removing runners and the flowers going towards fruit production. Day neutral or everbearing strawberries are discussed. You may be able to grow strawberries into September with this method.

Getting the strawberry production systems right. Watch now.

Strawberry Planting Tips To REMEMBER

Organic Strawberries: What do dormant crowns look like?

Dormant Crowns-Growing Strawberries

  • Dormant Crowns are what you usually buy. They should not be soft.
  • When planting your organic strawberry plants, you want to make sure you use the right depth. Halfway up the crown.
  • If you plant too high above the crown, the strawberry plant will NOT get enough water and will die.
  • If you plant too low below the crown – they can succumb to disease(s)
  • It's a good idea to test the Ph of your soil. 6.2 would be ideal

Here is University Of Maine's David T once again with Top Tips on Planting A Strawberry Bed

Where To Buy Organic Strawberry Plants

  1. Of course you can buy the strawberry seeds too. When you are there, take a look at David's Garden Seeds. Whatever works for your situation.
  2. Here are some very nice Everbearing bare root strawberries Currently you can get 25 “dormant” bareroot strawberry plants for $11.89 plus shipping of $6.05
  3. We also like the organic strawberry plants at They are the folks from Peaceful Valley who created the first video in this post. Awesome!
  4. Seeds Of Change sells certified organic strawberry plants and seeds.

Naturally, there are a few other excellent nurseries you can find online.

Tools and Supplies You May Need For This Strawberry Project

  • Your Favorite Watering Pail
  • Your Handy Trowel
  • Your Trusty Pair Of Garden Gloves
  • Your Beat Up Rake (with 3 teeth left) jk
  • Your Scissors or Clippers
  • Some Straw or Plastic Sheeting
  • Organic Fertilizer and Organic Mulch
  • Some Bonemeal
  • Mesh for Bird Net

Finally: You can watch all of these videos and more: Organic Strawberry Plants & How To Grow Them

A wonderful series of professional videos about organic strawberry plants. Learn how to grow strawberries the right way. Discover the difference between Everbearing, Day Neutral and June-Bearing strawberries. Plus helpful tips on varieties, hill or row systems and so much more. Watch them all here:

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I hope you will be eating your own organic strawberry plants very soon.

Let me know if they are sweet – ok?

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Best Wishes and Happy Organic Gardening,

by Brad M (Egad Its Brad)

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