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“A-B-C, 1-2-3 It's The Smiling Gardener Academy” | Best Organic Gardening Courses Review

Welcome to my review of the organic gardening course The Smiling Gardener Academy

A peek at one of Phil Nauta's 450 Organic Gardening Videos.

Hello! Are You Ready To Get Excited About Your Organic Gardening Efforts?

I love organic gardening tips just as much as you do. But what if you're like me and need something more in-depth?

How about a full-on set of Organic Gardening Courses that walk you through everything from A-Z?

Watch Our Smiling Gardener Academy Review VIDEO

This Organic Gardening Course Review Video will answer your most burning questions. Plus my cool dog Beans is in it. I am a Member and take you inside the course for a full review

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Maybe you want organic gardening classes that you can do online – but not pay College Tuition prices. (I hear that!)

What If I Want To Do What You Did, Egad Its Brad? What About Those 15 Free Organic Garden Tips and Lessons?

You Bet! Let's do that first then get into the full review. Here are details on the Free Lessons and what you will receive. Just click on the image and you will be able to download those for right away.

Improve your organic gardening skills. These tips from Phil are terrific!

Free Mini Organic Gardening Course I received from Phil. Click the image to get yours

Overview: Smiling Gardener Academy Review

Phil Nauta is a very passionate Certified Organic Gardener. He is also a brilliant Teacher and Permaculturist.

The condensed version of Phil Nauta's book is a now free download.

Academy Creator Phil Nauta's FREE organic gardening ebook

Phil is a Piano Player too – see the wonderful video with his Sister below 🙂

Phil hails from Canada and is the Author of the Book: Building Soils Naturally

“The Smiling Gardener” is of course the Founder of

He also is the man behind and (to mention a few)

Smiling Gardener Academy | Who Is It For?

  • Anyone who is a Beginner or Intermediate organic gardening enthusiast
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make an organic garden from start to harvest
  • Anyone who has had poor results in the past with organic gardens
  • Anyone who wants to grow beautiful and tasty vegetables the organic way
  • Anyone who wants to control pests in their organic garden
  • Anyone interested in creating a healthy and friendly garden oasis

Is The Academy Is Exclusive or for Members Only?

The answer is YES. While Phil can be seen on his blog and all over youtube sharing great organic gardening tips – he keeps the Smiling Gardener Academy content Exclusive.

Only Members will receive access to the comprehensive online gardening courses

How Thorough Is This Organic Gardening Course?

Phil is extremely detailed in every Course/Module and Lesson he provides. What I really appreciate is his passion and shear motivation to make sure you LEARN all about organic gardening.

The Smiling Gardener Courses Contain Over 450 How-To Instructional Videos? Yes. Wow!

Now you know why they call him that...(cool)

Organic Gardening is what Phil Does. Oh. And he smiles too!

While Phil gets a little technical at times, his delivery is very easy to understand.

In other words, these are not gardening classes that put you to sleep.

Like that past Biology Class when you drooled on your textbook? Nope. Not at all.

Let me give you an idea of how Step-By Step this is:

“Each category has 35-40 lessons divided into 4 modules.”

Let's look at Just One organic gardening course as an example

Organic Gardening Course Titled: Starts With The Soil

  • 4 Modules + 1 Bonus Module & 40 Lessons & 9 Bonus Lessons

In this case, Starts With The Soil Contains these 10 Organic Gardening Lessons plus One Summary

Course 1: Module 1: It Starts With The Soil – All Of These Include Full Articles and Videos by Phil

  1. Lesson: Introduction
  2. Lesson: Soil Formation
  3. Lesson: Soil Texture
  4. Lesson: Soil Structure
  5. Lesson: Soil Fertility
  6. Lesson: Cation Exchange Capacity
  7. Lesson: Nutrient Holding Capacity
  8. Lesson: Organic Matter
  9. Lesson: pH
  10. Lesson: Humus And Climate
  11. Lesson: Summary

Now that is just Module One! Phil also includes in this same course:

  • Module 2: Getting Down and Dirty: 9 Lessons Plus One Summary (With How-To Videos)
  • Module 3: Preparing A Garden Bed: 11 Lessons Plus One Summary (With How-To Videos)
  • Module 4: Mulching: 10 Lessons Plus One Summary (With How-To Videos)
  • Organic Vegetables Bonus Module: 9 Lessons (With How-To Videos)

Talk about over-delivering!

Imagine fresh tasty vegetables form your organic garden. (And a smile too)

Yeah. I feel a lot like this young lady when it comes to Phil Nauta's Smiling Gardener Academy 🙂

What Other Organic Gardening Courses are Offered in the Smiling Gardener Academy?

This is a 12 Month Program with each month delivering a new course. Remember the real example above.

Each Course consists of Categories and Lessons. Here are the courses to give you an idea:

  1. Month One – Soil
  2. Month Two – Testing
  3. Month Three – Pests
  4. Month Four – Compost
  5. Month Five – Fertilizing
  6. Month One – Inoculants
  7. Month Six – Design
  8. Month Seven – Planting
  9. Month Eight – Maintenance
  10. Month Nine – Growing Food One
  11. Month Ten – Growing Food Two
  12. Month Eleven – Growing Food Three

The Smiling Gardener Helps You Learn On All Levels

Phil Nauta is the Author of Building Soils Naturally. The Smiling Gardener Academy review

Phil Nauta: Author. His book was published in 2012

All of us retain information through reading, visual stimulus and listening. However, we tend to prefer one way of learning  over the other.

Phil has covered all the bases in this comprehensive course.

You have step-by-step videos in each module and access to his full article for each.

Now you will also be able to listen to the videos via mp3.

“Plus, I’ve converted the videos into mp3 audios, for those of you who like to listen while you learn.”

This is perfect for learning about organic gardening in many respects:

  1. You may like watching Phil teach his methods in detail via his videos
  2. You may enjoy reading and have better retention that way
  3. You may want to listen to the lessons while taking a drive or working in your new garden

No matter what your learning method, the Smiling Gardener Academy delivers!

How Much Does The Smiling Gardener Academy Cost?

Excellent question.

Most folks who sign, like me, up pay a monthly amount of $47/mo.

Special Smiling Gardener Academy Coupon Code For You.

Enter MINGLEDSEED at checkout and SAVE $10 a Month! ((Now $37/mo))

So let's see. At this rate, I'm only paying about 0.93 Cents per Lesson. Terrific value here.

Each month you will receive a New Course covering the next step you need to take to learn organic Gardening.

PS: As Mentioned Earlier: You don't have to join the Academy yet to get Phil Nauta's Free Organic Gardening Tips

VIDEO: Phil Nauta Announcing His Progress With The Academy

In this video, Phil had just finished his book. He also talks about his plans for his organic gardening course.

Access To Phil In The Smiling Gardener Academy

Another benefit of being a Member of the Academy?

You will be able to Ask Questions and Get Answers from Phil Nauta himself!

Here is a quote from Phil's website on that topic

“And where it gets really cool is you can ask and answer questions about each of the lessons.

If you have a question, ask it. I spend a lot of time answering questions, which is a major benefit of being an Academy member. If you've ever spent time looking for answers online, you'll know how valuable this is.”

Are There Bonuses For Becoming A Member Of This Organic Garden Course?

You get an idea of the in-depth taring Phil offers in this screen-grab from inside the Academy.YES! Right now Phil is offering these Terrific Bonuses ($150.00 Value)

  1. BONUS: Phil's Organic Garden Checklist This is what Phil uses to keep track of what he needs to do in the garden
  2. BONUS: Phil's Soil Management Calendar Reminds you when to do many of the items outlined in the Academy Lessons
  3. BONUS: The Essence Of Organic Gardening E-book by Heide Hermary. An incredible Overview of Organic Gardening and what Phil calls is go-to “cheat-sheet”
  4. BONUS DVD: Healthy Cooking Classes by Heather (Phil will mail this to you). Eight excellent lessons. You grew those nutrient-rich foods. (Now learn how to cook them for some seriously tasty meals)
  5. BONUS: Mumm's Organic Seeds $10 Discount Save on Mumm's certified organic seeds for sprouting. Phil likes clover and alfalfa the best

What Do Members Of Phil's Organic Gardening Academy Courses Have To Say?

You are doing a great service… very helpful information indeed, exactly what I need.”

“Phil I really really really like the Academy. I appreciate your approach, and such detail. I am impressed. Your website is easily maneuvered, I appreciate your teaching style and your patience, but mostly Phil I love your enthusiasm.”

“Your lessons have already been helpful and I’m excited to be a part of this group so we can all expand our knowledge and share ideas about something we are all passionate about.”

A Thought From Phil On His Organic Gardening Courses and Academy

“…I've been working on a new project for the last couple of years called the Smiling Gardener Academy where I've put in a new food garden and I'm recording the process on video from start to finish. I post some of the videos here and on youtube, but 90+% of them go into the private members area of this Academy.

I hope you enjoy the free organic gardening lessons I've put together for you and the journey of becoming an organic gardener.”
-Phil Nauta

What If I Only Want One Of Phil's Gardening Classes?

Yes indeed! Perhaps you just need to learn more about…

Phil does sell several of the courses he offers as a one-off purchase. At the time of this Smiling Gardener review, these courses ranged from $47-$97 per.

VIDEO: Smiling Gardener Phil Nauta and his Sister “What I'm Grateful For
(This is really nice)

The Smiling Gardener Academy Review Summary

Let's also sum this up by quoting from Phil's Smiling Gardener site

“…the main things you'll discover in this Academy are…”

  • Proven techniques for how to grow optimally healthy food to create health in you
  • How to make incredible, living soil that produces this food and other healthy plants
  • A hands-on plan for doing these things, so there's no guesswork
  • Keeping things simple and practical, while still learning some science
  • Focus on the soil food web, because these organisms actually make your plants healthy
  • How to garden with sustainable practices, in harmony with nature
  • A lot of instructions on how to use organic fertilizers and inoculants
  • How to control pests without chemicals
  • How to do it all without spending too much money

Bonus Video by Phil Nauta: Organic Gardening Tips: 2 Homemade Fertilizers Anyone Can Make
Get an idea of Phil's style. Here he discusses his two favorite fertilizers anyone can make at home. (It may surprise you!)

Remember: You Can Get Phil's Free Mini Organic Gardening Course Tips

I hope you found this Smiling Gardener Academy Review insightful and informative.
Phil really delivers when it comes to the best organic gardening courses.

Off to do soil testing

Beans clapping his paws 🙂

My dog Beans and I thank you for watching our Smiling Gardener Academy Review Video and reading this write up.

In fact, Beans would love to read your comments. 🙂

Won't you leave us one below?

Best Wishes and Happy Organic Gardening,

by Brad M (Egad Its Brad)

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  • What is most important for your Organic Gardening needs? Growing healthy food for your Family? Learning the condition of your soil? Saving money? (Would enjoy knowing. It may be our next blog post). Thank you in advance for your thoughts!